How To Estimate Lawn Sprinkler Layouts Using Metes and Bounds

Metes and Bounds Software


Purpose: The purpose of this article is to show how to use Metes and Bounds to estimate a lawn sprinkler layout.

How To:

Start by entering the property's legal description into Metes and Bounds. For this example, you can copy and paste these calls into the Text Entry form.

S 1:30:6 W 89.66
N 62:21:10 E 145.73
N 36:42:45 W 26.32
N 89:31:38 W 111.01

Entering Metes and Bounds Calls

These calls will produce the following drawing:

Deed Plot

Now open the X,Y Waypoints form.

Metes and Bounds Waypoints

Each lawn sprinkler head will be represented by a waypoint. Start by adding five new waypoints/sprinklers. You can do this by pressing the Add button five times.

Metes and Bounds with Lawn Sprinkler Waypoints

We will be using the waypoint radius feature to represent the lawn sprinkler coverage area. Click on the ... button under the Rad. heading for the first waypoint. This will bring up the radius configuration screen.

Setting the radius of the lawn sprinkler

For this example:

Press the Save & Close button to apply these settings to your waypoints.

Press the Save & Close button on the X,Y Points window.

Your drawing should now look like this, with all five lawn sprinklers layered on top of each other.

Deed Plot with Lawn Sprinkler Layout

Now, layout the waypoints/sprinklers in a vertical line down the left side of the property. You can move the waypoints/sprinklers by clicking on the icon in the middle and dragging them with the mouse.

Metes and Bounds Drawing with Lawn Sprinkler Layout

Now, reopen the X,Y Waypoints window.

Click on the blue X icon and change it to the green X icon.

Lawn Sprinkler Line Run Icon

Add four more waypoints.

Click the radius button for the top waypoint with a green X icon. Give these waypoints the same settings as the previous waypoints.

Set Lawn Sprinkler Line Attributes

Save and close the X,Y waypoint window. The drawing should now have four more waypoints stacked in the corner with green X icons in the middle.

Property Description with Lawn Sprinklers

Layout these waypoints/sprinklers in a similar pattern to the first five waypoints/sprinklers.

Deed Drawing with two lawn sprinkler runs

Continue laying out waypoints/sprinklers, using the same steps as above, until the property is fully covered.

Metes and Bounds Lawn Sprinkler Estimation